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Feel at home in your student city!

Are you looking for a great festival to kick-off your new study in Breda? Do not look any further, HBO Intro Festival will be an amazing experience for you! On Thursday September 5th, the 25th edition of the HBO Intro Festival will take place. Together with all the first year students of Avans and Buas, you will have the chance to enjoy this free festival.
Besides getting to know all your future classmates and new friends even better during this festival. The festival would like to contribute to give you a warm welcome and make you feel at home in Breda.

Probably you would like to know what you can expect the 5th of September, you can find the line-up of the festival either on our social media or on the website. However, besides our main stage, there is much more to experience on the festival. Think of meeting student associations, doing activities with your classmates or explore the other stages of the festival. Students have several priorities, we all know that food is high listed on that list. At the Foodcourt there are many choices to make your stomach full again to be able to deal with all the fun.

We are excited, will we see you the 5th of September in Breepark?!